An $84,000 belt buckle

This is an $84,000 belt buckle. The R22 Mark I Mechanically Performing Belt Buckle – Bugatti Edition" (via Uncrate)

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  1. ... and people starve. Sorry this is just excessive.

  2. You really can't appreciate a belt buckle like this unless you've tried one. The rare metals used in the closure fitting unleashes the inherit suppleness of the belt leather that inferior buckles leave dormant, or at worse, shackle. Combined with the proper gaberdine weave in the slacks, and you will be overwhelmed by the radiance and sheer ease of each stride. Even the clasping mechanic is heavenly sonorous, provided you have the proper listening environment.

    When I wake up and find my butler has set this out for my daily outfit, I just beam with pride knowing that's his way of saying I didn't overly offend any of the house staff the prior night.

  3. The person who buys this is going to hell. Not because of the buckle, but because of something else they probably did.

  4. For $84,000, I'd hold the fuckwit's trousers up myself.

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