David Brooks: I enjoyed pot, but you shouldn't


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  1. stinkinbadgers

    "I smoked pot with David Brooks":


  2. samsa

    All of that wonderful art he appreciates, the entirety of which was of course created by a lot of stone-cold sober teetotalers in heightened states of mental clarity.

  3. JesusCouto

    I disagree with a part of the summary. The article goes to the core of whats wrong with Mr. Brooks: that he is a narcissist idiot that cant wait to tell you in a very soporiphic way some "hard earned wisdom" he got from 5 seconds of looking at his navel. And will coach that as fair, balanced, mature political commentary when it is, mostly, pathetic.

    According to his article the problem is that legalization will make it "a bit more difficult" for people "like him" to become the "better" kind of people they (well, he), wants to be. Or, summarized "if it is legal I may smoke it but I dont want to"? What a relevant and important topic to address the fucking War on Drugs cost on human lives.

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