Gorgeous, high-magnification sand photos

Here's a collection of gorgeous high-magnification photos of grains of sand, taken by Dr Gary Greenberg, whose site is full of astounding macrophotography shots (check out the moon dust and discover why Katie Levinson calls it "microscopic razors that cling like packing peanuts").

If these pics excite you, check out Grain of Sand: Nature's Secret Wonder, Greenberg's very highly rated 2008 art book showcasing his work (with an introduction by Stacy Keach) (!). He's also got a book of macrofocus flower photos that looks promising.


Notable Replies

  1. I've often wondered what happens to the grains after they grind together
    till there is nothing left. Just a bunch of molecules at the bottom of the beach?

  2. knappa says:

    Isn't that clay?

  3. No. That would be silt. Silt is the product of physical weathering. Clay is the product of chemical weathering.

    This has been your geopedantry moment of the day.

  4. Is there a geopedantry archive? because this is the first entry I've read, and I rather enjoyed it...

  5. Surf is sort of like a giant rock tumbler, and shells are pretty soft, so shell to sand grain is likely to be not just geological-scale short, but human-scale short. Weeks maybe? Not that I don't appreciate the point you're going for, but I thought I'd go for some geopedantry too.

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