Wi-Fi enabled, voice-activated smart grill cooks food at owner's command

Announced at CES, the Lynx Smart Grill, which offers voice recognition, a recipe database, and online notification.

The grilling process begins with a couple of simple questions from the grill about what’s to be cooked. The grill connects to an online database via Wi-Fi to determine the optimal grilling time and technique for the food, and tells the chef where on the grill to place each item to ensure the best result and have everything ready to go all at the same time. The Lynx Smart Grill can send notifications via audio, visual alerts, and mobile platforms. For additional security and peace of mind, the Smart Grill shuts off if it does not hear instructions for 30 minutes.

The Lynx Smart Grill will be available sometime in 2015. The price has not been announced.

Notable Replies

  1. skabob says:

    'Search Engine Optimization ruined my steaks'

  2. The grill for people who hate grilling, but want to look like they know how to grill.

  3. Remote control cooking lacks much- like food prep, which the Richie Riches who could afford this crap can't be troubled with. Sounds like something that might be used as an ordinary grill later.

  4. And what's the recipe database? "To Serve Man"?

  5. mzed says:

    Ok, grill-gle....

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