Stanislaw Burzynski’s counteroffensive against FDA, Texas Medical Board continues

Photo courtesy USA Today

Science blogger Orac has a detailed update on the latest in the story of a man accused of being a cancer quack Stanislaw Burzynski, whom the FDA and Texas Medical Board have recently slapped.

If you're unfamiliar with Burzynski, start with Liz Szabo's USA TODAY expose, "Doctor accused of selling false hope to families."


In response to the reports of shoddy record keeping, lack of ethics, and contributing to the death of a child, Burzynski was his characteristically cuddly self, referring to his critics as “hooligans” and “hired assassins,” while claiming that they “pretend they got sick and would like to extort money from us.”

There's more about Burzynski's hijinks, and what fans of science-based medicine can do about him, at The Houston Cancer Quack.

Notable Replies

  1. Robin Williams should play him in the movie...

  2. LDoBe says:

    Stanislaw Burzynski is a pile human garbage, and the world is literally a worse place because he exists.

    He's one of the very few people I earnestly wish would kill themselves.

  3. The perception that "big pharma" and the mainstream medical community forms a conspiracy to suppress "outsider" medicine is widespread. I see it as more antiscientific thinking, which strikes me as the real problem.

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