CNN cribs Upworthy-style headline for child stabbing tweet

The new nadir in network news.

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  1. Ratel says:

    The only reason this hasn't happened earlier is that CNN is so behind the times and out of touch with reality they hadn't heard of clickbaiting until now.

  2. I see this as just going full-circle -- CNN's been using the "stay tuned" method for news reporting on TV for ages. Well, not just CNN. Tune into almost any news broadcast and they typically talk about a story 3 or 4 times before they actually report on it. Wasn't there a boingboing post about just that?

    I'll have more details after this commercial break. And coming up next, what's up with this banana? The truth may surprise you.

  3. The clickbaityness doesn't surprise me or even particularly bother me, since news headlines sent out as tweets are, like headlines themselves, intended to be "clickbaity" enough to get you to read the article in the first place.

    What bugs me is "the reason why will shock you." No, CNN. The fact that it happened at all is the "shocking" part. Feeling unappreciated is just one of several non-shocking reasons why a teenager might lash out. If she stabbed her sister once to see if she'd deflate and fly around the room like an untied balloon, and 39 times more in order to make a more pleasing symmetrical pattern of cuts, maybe that reason would be shocking.

    But as it is, violent teenage sororicide, regardless of motive, is shocking.

    What a weird thing for me to get all pedantic about.

  4. mmmPi says:

    They had one job.

  5. You won't BELIEVE how this programmer fixed the ENTIRE internet with this one weird trick!

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