Make Your Thing: a conference for independent creators in Los Angeles

I'm looking forward to going to Make Your Thing in October. It's being produced by Jesse Thorn of Maximum Fun, so I know it's going to be great.

Now is an amazing time for creative people. More than ever before it’s possible to make a living and even thrive doing the creative things you love. Inspired by the uber-popular Make Your Thing Manifesto, the Make Your Thing conference is a chance to learn from world-class artists and from your peers in the trenches of small-scale stuff making.

Make Your Thing will help you navigate the future of small-scale independent creation with speakers, exhibitions, and the Make Your Thing Bazaar, along with other exclusive entertainment. Whether you’re a creative person just starting out or a seasoned veteran, you can come to Make Your Thing to meet other like-minded people, share stories, and be inspired. Hear how some of the best & brightest have made their own way. Learn from and connect with your creative peers. Join us!

Make Your Thing