"This is a Trent Reznor Song"

(Via Rudy Coby)

Notable Replies

  1. I love Trent, but this is spot on.

  2. Sounded spot on until the chorus, which was just a bit too major, and not yelly enough.

  3. Here's a precursor from waaaay back in 1993, when Reznor's NiN was an alternative to,,, "The Grunge Song"

    by Radio Free Vestibule!

    "Mandatory shot of old man with his shirt off."

  4. That's about as brilliant as Chris Morris's Pixies Parody "Mother Banger"

  5. Well, don't be too offended, since this is the description from the SoundCloud page itself:

    This is a song I made about the songwriting process of one of my musical heroes Trent Reznor.

    This was obviously a labour of love. smile

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