New Zealand's spies admit to illegally deleting key evidence in Kim Dotcom case

GCSB, New Zealand's secret police force has admitted to illegally deleting key evidence related to the raid on Kim Dotcom over his Megaupload service. The spies agree that the evidence was illegally deleted, but claim it was an honest mistake, because the data "aged off" their retention system.

Dotcom last night tweeted the claim, saying: "The GCSB spy agency seems to have deleted evidence relevant to my case against the GCSB for illegally spying on NZ residents.''

He quoted Crown lawyers as saying "some communications have automatically aged off. We propose to include ... those communications which are still recoverable''.

Dotcom claimed lawyers acting for the GCSB told him the material had "aged off'' the system, suggesting it had automatically deleted.

He also posted a video of Prime Minister John Key, who is in charge of the agency, saying: "This is a spy agency. We don't delete things. We archive them.''

GCSB deleted key evidence - Dotcom [David Fisher/NZ Herald]

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  1. It's a simple rule that should be instituted; If you illegally delete evidence, automatic guilty verdict.

  2. I'm more concerned that evidence is deleted by some automatic process on their part. What happens if the guy appeals? If the working storage is really limited for some reason (and it had better be a good reason in this age of $100 3TB HDDs), then archive the data off before you delete it.

    Maybe this was the whole MegaUpload filestore and it was really straining the servers? Even then, the deletion should have been a manual act done by someone who can be held accountable for not checking the status of the case before pressing the delete key.

  3. miasm says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, Prime Minster John Key:

    "This is a spy agency. We don't delete things. We archive them.''

    "Essentially, legal documents that are created by GCSB are held in their system and archived for evidence. Raw intelligence has to actually, by law, age off the system if it's no longer relevant or required.''

  4. NZ has dibs on the term "laughable bumblefuck" once the Canadians have finished with it.

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