Diamond studded Star Trek ring

Plucked from the photo comments on this Etsy item is this perfect description: "To boldly propose where no man has proposed before."

If you need to be that person, make sure your shirt isn't red and prepare to pony up! Starting at $595 in sterling silver and topaz, you can dial up the options to an impressive $3,890 for platinum with diamonds.

Boldly going somewhere... Star Trek themed ring on Etsy

Thanks, Leo!

Notable Replies

  1. spejic says:

    Not enough lens flare.

  2. If I'd been made Emperor of the Solar System at the age of twelve, this is exactly the sort of ring that I'd have wanted.

  3. This Paul Michael guy is a certified geeks wet dream. I follow him on facebook and he has some awesome stuff. I did have to correct him that the "bantha skull" ring actually depicted a Mandalorian Mythosaur.

    That... that probably explains all those lonely nights.

  4. For true awesomeness, the saucer section should separate, and then it could be a wedding ring instead of just an engagement ring.

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