RIP, Devo's Bob Casale

Bob Casale, second from left, was Devo's guitar player.

Bob Casale co-founded Devo in 1973. He died yesterday. He was 61.

Below, one of my favorite Devo songs, "Mechanical Man," released in 1978.

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  1. If Mark had really liked Devo, he would have stopped listening to them to properly research type and proofread his post like a TRUFAN! And set it up for proper SEO, and included some listicles, for correct DEVOISM. And not push it out to an unforgiving world rife with errors displaying his deep-down DEVOHATRED.


    NB: Devo Guitar Guide


    Here's a google-search on BoingBoing posts by (or referencing) Mark and mentioning Devo. Doesn't mean he really liked them, though.

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