Computer animated film from 1974 - Hunger

The short film "Hunger" by Peter Foldès was made over 40 years ago using computers. The design is fresh. It looks like it could have been made today.

Animated film satire of self-indulgence in a hungry world. Rapidly dissolving, reshaping images, made with the aid of a computer, create a stark contrast between abundance and want. A man eats, at first sparingly, but his appetite grows to gluttony, greed, and gratification of every desire. The nightmare that finally haunts him is the one that hangs over our disparate world.

I love the soundtrack, too.

Hunger, from the National Film Board of Canada (Via Dangerous Minds)

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  1. I saw this as a kid when my boho babysitter took me to The Loft theater in Tucson for a showing of short films back in '77 or so. I never forgot it because it scared the living crap out of me at the time.

  2. NFB does not dissapoint.

  3. I'm an animation teacher and have been using this as an exemple in classroom for some reasons.
    The computer generated transitions are very similar to a grotesque tween in Adobe Flash called "shape tween", that was very popular around 1998/99, for similarities with the MORPH effect in video.
    It proves even the most tired resources may find purpose when in good use.

    The best material from the NFB, though, is still in the works of the great Malcolm McLaren, in special his works on drawing audio.
    THe results are eerily similar to 8-bit music, given the geometric shapes he uses.
    My very favorite is the tour-de-force Synchromy.

  4. Indeed!

  5. I wonder if I'm the only person to ever break into a rendition of "The Cat Came Back" during a viewing of Re-animator.

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