The Summer Tree, Fionavar Tapestry Book One: classic fantasy


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  1. rocketpj

    I loved those books, and even Kay's less than excellent novels (i.e. Last Light of the Sun) are page turners. You can tell he just finished working on the Silmarillion with Tolkein's kid when he wrote the Fionavar Tapestry though.

    The Sarantine Mosaic remains one of my all time favourite historical/fantasy series, really epic page turning awesomeness.

  2. WearySky

    Oh man. I loved the Fionavar trilogy. I've read through it 4 or 5 times. One of those books was the first time I can remember a book making me cry (though, I can't remember which one now). It's been about 5 years since I last visited, but now I know exactly what book I'm going to read after I finish my current one.

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