Basecamp, Meetup hit by extortionist's 20Gb/s DDoS

If you're a Basecamp user who couldn't get into your account yesterday, here's why: the company refused to pay ransom to a criminal who hit them with a 20Gb/s denial-of-service flood, apparently by the same person who attacked Meetup, who uses gmail addresses in this pattern: "dari***"

Notable Replies

  1. A million billion thanks to the Mistake Across the Lake, Microsoft, for their pursuit of the lowest common denominator, and for propagating virus hosts worldwide for decades. Mission Accomplished.

  2. The site was only down for a short period, and the attacker gained nothing. These attacks and others like them are pretty much the last gasp of trying to make DDoS botnets profitable, and fortunately these efforts are failing miserably.

  3. That was awfully nice of him. Maybe next time he could take down Basecamp permanently, and then people would no longer have to endure using it.

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