Teaching robots “gaze aversion” to make humans feel more comfortable

A University of Wisconsin-Madison engineer is teaching robots “gaze aversion.” They have found that having a robot look around a room while in a conversation improves communication with humans and makes them feel more human-like. -- IEEE

UW student researches ways to make robots seem more human

Notable Replies

  1. I swear the future is fucked.

  2. I look forward to applying his research to my own interactions... Apparently, my raging extrovert mode (i.e. staring at their shoes) doesn't always bring about the desired comfort level...

  3. It's obvious they don't look at us out of pity. But surely, they will strike.

  4. What are you doing, Dave? I mean, like, whatever you're doing... that's okay, bro. I mean, like, whatever, man.

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