NSA spies on human rights groups, including those in the USA

During video testimony to the Council of Europe, whistleblower Edward Snowden reiterated that the NSA targets human rights groups, including those in the USA, for surveillance. It uses its Xkeyscore technology to "fingerprint" communications from these groups and targets them for deep surveillance. Groups that have been targeted in this way include UNICEF and many others.

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  1. We really expected that back in the Indymedia days - all our communications for sysadmin and the IRC channel were all encrypted. Some people called us paranoid, but it seems we were just exercising good common sense...

  2. When your government is a band of vicious thugs, human rights groups are a threat to national security.

  3. Some people called us paranoid

    One of the many nice side effects of the Snowden leaks is people say that drivel a lot less nowadays. Also, people that still do call others "paranoid" for using encryption, etc. look more like idiots to society than they ever did before.

  4. That's the optimistic interpretation... Given what we are wont to do in the name of security, the conclusion that human rights groups are contrary to the interests of American policy seems pretty logical to me.

    Not the sort of logical that one is so crass as to state in polite company, of course; but those guys probably made our operation of a shadowy network of extrajudicial torture dungeons 15% peskier. We've unleashed the drones for substantially less.

  5. JonS says:

    Surprised? No, I doubt anyone is surprised by any of NSA's hijinks anymore.

    But it's still worth pouring buckets of sunshine on each and every egregious act, because there's a difference between 'knowing' these things are going on and Knowing these things are going on.

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