Have you seen this missing woman? Alexa, last seen in Las Vegas April 1 (UPDATED: Found.)

UPDATE: Alexa has been found. She is alive. Alexa's family thanks Boing Boing readers for their care, concern, and the tips they sent in. She's in custody. Out of respect for privacy & recovery, I'll leave it at that.—XJ

My friend Emily in Los Angeles shared with me that her stepsister has gone missing. I offered to help spread the word, in hopes that perhaps one of our readers in Las Vegas (or elsewhere) has seen Alexa Morgenroth.

Emily writes, "Alexa was an adorable and happy kid with a brilliant smile. She was a model with a masters from Columbia University. She had a zest for life and heroin stole it from her and her family. She left rehab on April 1st and has not been seen since. The girl she left rehab with is no longer alive."

"Please help us find Alexa. She is lost in Vegas. She has an infection in her arm that must be treated. She is a sweet soul with a devastating disease."

"Save Alexa. Spread the word. Do you have friends in vegas? Can they share this? Thank you."

PDF Link to police flyer: Alexa, missing person.

Notable Replies

  1. Let's hope for the best. She hasn't been missing very long.

  2. My family doesn't know where I am either but nothing bad happened to me. She may have found her life taking her in a direction that didn't include her family too. Hopefully nothing bad happened but a lack of contact, despite her history, doesn't automatically implicate foul play.

  3. kai says:

    Don't really understand what your point is. Yes it doesn't automatically mean foul play and let's hope that shes safe but certainly looking for her is not premature especially given that her friend has apparently died.

  4. And your family isn't wondering what happened to you?

  5. Do you know about the disappearance of Richey Edwards (self harm trigger warning) in 1995? His family, friends, fellow bandmembers and fans don't know if he died or not because he was never found. It could have been avoided, if the police had taken the disappearance of a depressed, anorexic, self harming recovering alcoholic seriously.

    It is very important to start looking for missing people early, especially if they are vulnerable. Just because you are doing alright after disappearing doesn't mean that everyone does.

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