Dropping Dropbox - what's a replacement?

I loved Dropbox and Mailbox. I was paying for a 200GB account. But after learning that Iraq war starter, torture promotor, and warrantless wiretapper Condoleezza Rice will be joining Dropbox's Board of Directors I deleted my account (Dropbox doesn't issue refunds, so I lost about $100. They can keep it.). I also deleted the Mailbox app from my phone.

Now I want a Dropbox replacement. Something that offers cloud syncing. The website Drop Dropbox has a few suggestions: Box.com, Microsoft OneDrive, SpiderOak, and Google Drive. I'd like to hear from Boing Boing readers who've had experience with alternatives to Dropbox. Please post your comments in the BBS!

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  1. I'll be moving to SpiderOak. It supports:

    • Sync to Mac and Linux (the two Desktop OS's I use) as well as iOS
    • Client-side Encryption (SpiderOak can't access my files)
    • Public sharing is via one-time-hash generated with your client side keys
    • You can sync arbitrary folders, and not all folders are accessible on all devices.
    • Better, everything is implicit-deny - by default, nothing is synced, you have to enable everything, per-device.

    2GB Free, $100/yr for 100GB.

  2. Really? Did Whitman or Fiorina endorse strapping prisoners to a table and torturing them? Or help George Bush increase government secrecy?

  3. Lets just put all the innocent people who work there out of work because of our modern entitlement issues..

    As a leftwing, leftist, progressive liberal, I simply love putting innocent people out of work because of both modern and post-modern entitlement. I do it because I'm an evil liberal and it's fashionable to do so in order to protect my entitlement. Because I have entitlement issues.

  4. a bit over dramatic.

    Let's see... ignoring dire, specific threats that led to thousands of deaths... war on false premises... lies leading to more deaths/suffering... torture.. torture in our names that make the world despise us... mass, suspiciousness surveillance, loss of much moral authority... loss of international respect... the death of what's left of some civil rights... world made more dangerous for U.S. citizens... more hatred... more children suffering, maimed for life, death, mass death, white phosphorus, melting skin, US Constitution trashed like shit paper...

    Wait.. what were we talking about? Oh, yeah... overdramatic response.. right...

  5. First, this is not a boycott. Mark stated his reason for leaving dropbox and asked for help replacing it. There was no advocacy in his post. You are free to ignore his actions.

    Second, we all absolutely have the right to avoid a company if we don't like its management, or its policies towards its workers, or the color of its logo, or any other reason, like maybe it hired a war criminal. That doesn't mean we have modern entitlement issues. It means we are a free people (mostly).

    Lastly, I don't know of a boycott that actually put a company out of business. (Cue the internet correction squad.) The purpose of a boycott is to express dissatification with a company in an effort to bring about change, not destroy it, although I can understand why you might think that, since we do live in the era of instant furious outrage over everything.

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