Opinel No. 8 "picnic" knife, my favorite pocket knife


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  1. zaren

    My dad has one of these knives. I always thought the twist-lock was a neat design. He got it before I was in high school, and I'm sure he still uses it, and my son's in high school.

  2. SeamusMitwurst

    Opinels are terrificly modifiable. They consist of five parts that are easily separated so you can force patina the carbon steel blade (if you have a carbone) and reshape and treat the handle to your liking. Soaking the handle in tung or linseed oil can protect the wood from the expansion that irks so many opinel owners. A little water on an untreated handle can sometimes cause them to sieze up in the open or closed position rendering them useless or dangerous. If you google "opinel mods" you'll be amazed at what some people do with them.

  3. beejamin

    Yep - they're great. The locking mechanism is brilliantly simple and very strong - once they're locked in, the blade isn't going anywhere. Yes on the tung oil (If I could apply tung oil to every wooden object I own, I would).

    A mate of mine bought a box of 8 or 12 as a set of matched steak knives - they make a very cool looking table setting, that's for sure.

  4. HappyTrees

    I still have my Morakniv that I got at age 10, now 41 years later. I've resharpened it a few times, and the thing is just as strong and useful as ever. It's got a plain wood handle and a leather sheath. Now I think it's going to be getting a French cousin!

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