PETA unable to make cannibal Dahmer's home a vegan restaurant

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Unfortunately, PETA is not able to turn noted cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer's childhood home in Bath, Ohio into a vegan restaurant. The plan was to call the restaurant "Eat for Life: Home Cooking" but zoning laws stood in their way.

"It was also suggested that we consider converting it into a vegan bed and breakfast, but we're not optimistic that many people would want to make the trip to spend a night in the house.," PETA Media Director Moira Colley said.

Of course, the whole idea could easily have just been a PETA publicity stunt. In any case, the home is still up for sale. (WKYC, thanks Gil Kaufman!)

Notable Replies

  1. PETA sure does have a knack for publicity stunts designed to alienate would-be allies.

  2. I've had the thought that PETA might be some sort of false flag organization for the meat industry. Something to make vegetarians look like lunatics so people don't empathize with them too much. The problem is that it has been around for too long, it's more likely that the people in charge of PETA are just plain nuts.

  3. Perhaps they can still get away with hosting murder mystery dinners...

  4. Yes, for 5 minutes before I roll my eyes and try to forget PETA ever existed, again.

    Their brand is less about being nice to animals and more just being batshit these days.

  5. I understand how these stunts help their organization get press and maybe even the odd donation, but I'm unconvinced that they do anything to win over any converts to their cause. The Westboro Baptist Church didn't have any shortage of press coverage but they didn't exactly get a lot of new recruits either.

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