Pomplamoose's 'I Feel Good' (James Brown Cover)

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  1. Is there nothing they won't ruin?

  2. It's like an ambien fueled audio grave desecration. As if they suckled the last bit of Soul from James Brown's corpse (because, oh yeah there is still Soul in it) and injected everything that is the anti-cool of musical grooves and pure sexual funk.

  3. Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but these little girl, kittenish airy soft-core vocal styles that are dominant in much pop music these days suck. My female singer heroes were capable of going sexy little girl voice, but most of them were belters.

  4. The beautiful thing about living in a modern age is I can immediately, should I choose, to listen to the original. At any time of the day or night. BAM! A cover is a cover. It's not supposed to sound exactly like the source material. It's a band taking a song they like and putting their own personal spin on it. If that's an issue for you, turn it off and listen to the original and quit harshing the vibe.

    I like Pomplamoose, and I like Nataly Dawn's vocals. I think she's adorable. My only complaint is that I wanted more bass.

  5. No, no, no, you don't understand.

    First of all, they're white. Second, they're relatively young, so they're obviously "hipsters." Third, they had the nerve to spend a lot of time actually making something, and it was something that was not enjoyed by people who had no choice but to listen to it. Where do they get off forcing people to listen to things they don't like (especially people who don't have the time/energy/desire/vision/talent to make things themselves)? They really need to check their privilege before expressing themselves like this again.

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