NSA spying means Brazil's $4.5B fighter jets won't be built by Boeing

Brazil's buying $4.5B worth of fighter jets. And rather than buy them from American military-industrial complex go-to Boeing, they're buying them from Sweden's Saab. Why? A contract with Boeing is synonymous with NSA surveillance. Multiply this by every country in the world and you start to get a sense of the cost of letting the NSA run around without any adult supervision. (via Techdirt)

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  1. Maybe NOW they will do something that is costing the US real money. What will they do instead? Sabotage the deal with Saab so they go back to Boeing. Wait for it.

  2. And there's accidentally an 'e' in Boing?

  3. I owned a pre-GM Saab 9s and that shit was in the shop far more than it was on the highway. Jus sayin. My advice, Brazil: spend a bit for the technical manual and invest in really good Swedish mechanics (shout out to Robby at Saab Replay in Berkeley).

  4. dobby says:

    The Grippen is a different airplane philosophy than the big long range expeditionary warfare inspired American or Russian fighters available today. It is small muti-mission attack plane like an A-4 Skyhawk but with mach-2 category speed and radar of a fighter. It can be maintained by a small crew of draftees and is designed around using short bits of road when airfields have all been bombed to hell. The Draken is consistent with the Swiss and Swedish model of neutrality in strength, it by design remains a threat even when the supply train is interrupted by something crazy like invasion by a world power. American cutting edge aircraft cease to be useful months to years after the US decides it is time to list you an the axis of evil.

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