What if we threw a revolution, and nobody came?

Two things I did not realize:
1: The phrase "the Copernican Revolution" was coined by Immanuel Kant.
2: Copernicus' contemporaries didn't see his ideas as controversial. Rather, they mostly ignored him.

Notable Replies

  1. They mostly ignored him? No wonder he got so much done.

  2. Immanuel Kant was a real piss-ant who was very rarely stable...
    Come on everyone, you all know the words!

  3. The naming of movements isn't something we pay a lot of attention to. I still like to think of 1914 as, "The Great War". (and November 11 should always be Rememberence Day!)

    When Yoda says "The Clone Wars have begun", he's looking far ahead into the future to when historians have figured out what to call it. That always annoys me.

  4. I'm confused. Yoda never said that in any of the -3- Star Wars films. wink

  5. When people ask me how I like working for myself I say "Well I don't have anyone sabotaging me." And you would think a dark cynical statement like that might put people off, but usually they just sort of get a faraway look in their eyes and say wistfully "Wow....."

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