Photos of large spiders eating bats

Oddity Central has a photo gallery of "Bat Predation by Spiders."

In most of the incidents recorded by Martin and Mirjam, the spiders were quite large, 10 to 15 cm legspan and one to seven grams in weight. A majority of the spiders were nocturnal web builders, spinning webs up to 1.5 meters across. Occasionally, groups of spiders got together to build several interconnected webs. Most of these webs were found near buildings inhabited by bat colonies. Only 12 percent of the spiders were able to catch bats without the aid of webs. Tarantulas in particular, were found eating small bats in the tropical rainforests of Peru, Ecuador and Brazil. The victim bats were quite small in comparison – 10 to 24 cm wingspan and three to eight grams in weight. A majority of these bats were small or juvenile insect eaters. Once caught, they usually died of exhaustion while trying to free themselves, or dehydration, or starvation, or even over-heating.

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  1. Cool! I can use that site to terrify TWO phobic subsets of friends, and to KILL those that fall into the intersection!!

  2. That's cute -- eating fuzzy little mammals...
    Watch out for the large spiders that eat $%^&# dinosaurs!

  3. Ratel says:

    Nephila (taken near Khao Yai, Thailand). They cheerfully munch on birds, probably bats. You don't have to travel far from home to see arthropods predating chordates: the big Argiope spiders in my parents' yard in Arkansas routinely catch and eat tree frogs.

  4. That's ok. I didn't really need to sleep this year anyways.

  5. It might just be a spider likes to fuck dead bats? After a few of those pictures, I'm prepared to believe that's possibly a thing. And I like spiders.

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