Lee Marshall, voice of Tony the Tiger, RIP


Lee Marshall, who was the voice of Tony the Tiger since 1999, died at 64 of esophageal cancer. He was the second voice of Tony, taking over from the late Thurl Ravenscroft, the cereal's pitchman from 1952 until he was in his 80s. "What a set of pipes," one of Marshall's friend told the LA Times. "Sitting next to him, even a whisper became a roar."

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  1. At one time during my Boy Scout career I was patrol leader of the Tiger Patrol. As a joke I started encouraging or just cheering up the other guys by saying, "We're grrrreat!" And they started doing it too. Our voices were always loaded with sarcasm, but there was a deep sincerity. It was one of the few brief periods when everybody got along, everybody had a good time, and no one cared if we didn't place in any of the camporee competitions. Tasked with tying a giant clove hitch around a tree it didn't matter if half of us didn't know how to tie a clove hitch.

    I'm afraid that was a few years before Mr. Marshall's time, but it doesn't matter. I have a special fondness for Tony The Tiger, whoever he may be.

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