World's tallest teenager gets engaged

Eighteen-year-old Brazilian Elisany de Cruz Silva, 6'8", announced her engagement to her boyfriend of three years, Francinaldo da Silva, 5'4". My favorite part of the video is in the grocery store because it has a lot of fruits I've never seen before!

Notable Replies

  1. I sincerely doubt that she's the world's tallest teenager at a mere 6'8". She may be the world's tallest female teenager, which is by no means the same thing.

  2. Long teenager is long.

    At first I thought it was a photoshop, a bad photoshop.

  3. C'mon, nobody's going to touch that "lots of fruits I've never seen before" line? The internet must be broken today.

  4. My nephew at 16 is 6'3". Surprise, surprise, he builds Warhammer 40K models.

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