Microsoft, NSA and FBI reveal secret 3-way romance

Would you like to listen to Gweek podcasts live, as they are being recorded? Get a job at the FBI and plug into Skype, which Microsoft has handed over to US spy agencies as a kind of lovers' gift, and you can hear Dean and me chatting away!

Today, coinciding with the release of his book on the NSA revelations, Glenn Greenwald published a set of documents, some of which were not new and some that were. Inside the set were four slides detailing the NSA’s relationship with Microsoft, as well as the company’s work with the FBI to provide for quicker and easier deliverance of required files and the like.

NSA Docs Detail Efforts To Collect Data From Microsoft’s Skype, SkyDrive, And

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  1. "This new capability will result in a much more complete and timely collection response from SSO for our Enterprise customers." That means the NSA is providing Skydrive data to the Starship Enterprise, right?

  2. What concerns me is that all this focus on the NSA has distracted us from the fact that other domestic government agencies with much broader missions are getting access to things they have no right to.

    Those very documents mention the FBI and Dept of Justice getting access to some of the same things that the NSA got, yet nobody seems to bat an eye anymore.

    I am much more concerned about my private data getting to the FBI and Dept of Justice than the NSA.

  3. Well, one of the very real differences is that the FBI an JD are allowed to gather data on US citizens, whereas the NSA is prohibited from doing so.

    I'm not saying that the JD and FBI don't have access to things they shouldn't, but the case with the NSA is much less legally ambiguous and easier to make. Gotta start somewhere, right?

  4. I am much more concerned about my private data getting to the FBI and Dept of Justice than the NSA.

    I think it's more productive to concern ourselves with all of the above instead of squabbling over which is worse. The main weapon they have against us is their success (in collusion with mass media) to make solidarity a dirty word among many Americans.

    We need to unite and fight mass spying and overreach by our government and corporations.

    In other news, the bombshell on American surveillance is coming soon:

    Edit: This link above is the 2nd half of the interview, listen towards the end after "biggest impact" - If you want to watch the entire episode see my original link below:
    (entire show)

    In a nutshell, the general public is about to find out exactly who the American securitocracy spies upon within the USA itself.

    It's likely to be revealed in less than a month and it's going to be arguably the most historic of all the Snowden leaks the general public has heard thus far.

    And, CNN will pray to God for another missing airliner, terrorist attack or both.

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