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One of the most fantastic TV series ever filmed, The Wild Wild West, is now available for $29 on Amazon.

I have loved this series my entire life, it ran from 1965 til 1968 and just slightly predates me. One of the most clever television series of all time, the Wild Wild West endures as a magnificent testimony to what TV can be when done right. Ulysses S. Grant is President and sends two Secret Service agents to the Wild West to protect America's frontier. Title character Jim West is played by Robert Conrad, and master of disguise and gadgetry Artemus Gordon is portrayed by the incredibly brilliant Ross Martin. Together they foil incredible crimes, battle fantastic villains and always get the girl, well Jim does, due to his skin tight pants.

The duo have their own private train loaded with gadgets and disguises. The technology is pure Jules Verne and the story telling often reminds me of The Prisoner, especially when it revolves around the greatest TV criminal ever, Dr. Miguelito Q. Loveless. Loveless is a small person, but the most colorful villain you could ever hope for, played by Michael Dunn. You may recognize Dunn from Get Smart, Star Trek and Bonanza.

If I didn't already own the complete series, I'd buy this one for $29.

The Wild Wild West: The Complete Series (1965)

(Thanks, Sean Masterson!)

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  1. This show was genius. Robt.Conrad did all his own stunts. You can see the scene where he broke his back & needed to recover for weeks afterward. They kept and used that very footage in a barroom brawl (one of MANY in the show) where (IIRC) he swings from a wagonwheel-chandelier in a saloon, only to land supine on a table below.

    Ross Martin died like the entire cast & crew of THE WARLORD (with John Wayne) did - cancer from radioactive dirt trucked in from Nevada by producer Howard Hughes.

  2. Robert Conrad had a fantastic ass. It seemed the producers where always putting him in tighter and and tighter pants--and writing in bondage scenes for him and fight scenes with lots of shirt tearing.

  3. Agreed. This is one TV series I loved as a kid. I'm sure I didn't get all of it, but it combined cowboys with gadgets and smarts. (Plus it was contemporanious with Star Trek).

  4. A very worthwhile DVD set and a steal at $29. I paid twice that and still thought it was a good buy. Now if they'd only lower the price of The Man From Uncle - I really want it, just not at $120 - my childhood TV memories would be complete.

  5. This show was fantastically playful and inventive; the movie with Will Smith and Kevin Kline was an abomination.

    So if you're saying "WTF" because you couldn't manage to sit through the wretched movie, don't write off the TV series; it's a treasure.

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