The Wild Wild West, complete series


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  1. AnonKopimi

    This show was genius. Robt.Conrad did all his own stunts. You can see the scene where he broke his back & needed to recover for weeks afterward. They kept and used that very footage in a barroom brawl (one of MANY in the show) where (IIRC) he swings from a wagonwheel-chandelier in a saloon, only to land supine on a table below.

    Ross Martin died like the entire cast & crew of THE WARLORD (with John Wayne) did - cancer from radioactive dirt trucked in from Nevada by producer Howard Hughes.

  2. michaelditullio

    A very worthwhile DVD set and a steal at $29. I paid twice that and still thought it was a good buy. Now if they'd only lower the price of The Man From Uncle - I really want it, just not at $120 - my childhood TV memories would be complete.

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