"High" elf who attacked car gives Vocativ an exclusive interview

photo via Konrad McKane

photo via Konrad McKane

His interview is fascinating:

“The last time I did drugs, I turned into a freakin’ dragon,” McKane says. This time, he says, he simply transformed into night elf rogue Jaypar Prakkari, the protagonist of his fantasy series Alkaya: The Legend of Empyro who battles mythical creatures and a dark plague in a parallel world.

"There is no room in the drug culture for amateurs." -- Uncle Duke

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  1. I lived directly next door to Hunter S. Thompson in woody creek colorado for approx 5 years. I still recall the day the police came because he was shooting at Don Johnson's helicopter for flying over his land. He though he was fully in the right and was yelling at the cops. He truly was a larger then life character and a mainstay at the local tavern.

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