Author Neil Gaiman visits a Syrian refugee camp

"We woke up every morning glad we were alive, and went to sleep every night knowing we might not wake in the morning. There are so many ways to die in Syria now," a refugee named Yalda told author Neil Gaiman, during his visit to a camp in Jordan. "Their relatives have been imprisoned, gone missing, been murdered and killed in explosions," he writes in a Guardian essay.

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    A few months ago, Neil Gaiman came to our small town to give a free lecture and signing as a prize to our local children’s book shop (which won a Graveyard Book-related contest). He stayed until past 1:00 in the morning so that all 1600 people who came could get their books signed and have a picture opportunity with him (over five hours of signing). He was unfailingly kind and polite to every single person who waited in line to meet him, and even personalized his autographs (not just a scrawled “Neil Gaiman”). Did I mention he did this for free? He then flew to another town the next day to do the same thing all over again for the other bookshop that won the contest.

    But, yeah, unless you have something negative to say about someone or something pedantic or contrarian in reference to a post, etc. -- why say it at all, huh?

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