Dracula's $80MM castle for sale

 Photo via: worldalldetails.com

Photo via: worldalldetails.com

Smithsonian.com tells us Bran Castle, fabled home of Dracula, is up for sale.

From the Smithsonian article:

In real life, the castle has been home to Saxons, Hungarians and Teutonic knights, the Telegraph reports, and, perhaps, to the infamous Vlad the Impaler (Dracula's inspiration), who might have been briefly held prisoner there in the 15th century. Eventually, Bran Castle fell into the hands of Romania's royal family and was seized by the government in 1958. When the Ceausescu regime fell, the buiding once again came into possession of the remaining royal heirs, who have been tending to it ever since.

Notable Replies

  1. Misleading headline, but "Castle where Dracula may have been held prisoner" is pretty cool too. Imagine the security measures required to contain an undead shape-shifter.

  2. You'll never make it as a supervillain with that attitude.

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