You can eat burritos without a firearm?

These firearms enthusiasts can't eat fast-food disarmed.

Chipotle doesn't want people bringing guns into their restaurants. People with guns apparently do not want to go eat at Chipotle if unwelcome. Everyone wins, right?

Nope! #boycottchipotle has arisen. Linked above is Freakout Nation's collection of hilarious tweets from people who can not eat a burrito without the security of a loaded firearm.

This tweet, from the collection, suggesting thieves will prey on under armed Chipotle customers is the dumbest thing I've heard today:

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 12.25.43 PM

Notable Replies

  1. It's just a matter of time before Obama's jackbooted Kenyan Affordable Care Act thugs go Benghazi on Chipotle's restaurants Fast and Furious style, and when they do, GUESS WHICH PATRIOTS WON'T BE THERE TO STAND IN THE WAY. #toobusyaccidentallyshootingupqdoba

  2. Speaking from personal experience, I'd describe it as a really excellent way to shove people who are on the "somewhat sympathetic to the idea of reasonable open-carry laws" fence off that fence and onto the "y'all are crazy jerks who do not have a place in civilized society" side.

  3. The worst mass shooting in living memory was at Virginia Tech in 2007, where a number of armed police were already on site. There were also armed personnel at Columbine High School and at a number of other mass shootings you could name. It turns out that the threat of retaliation isn't a big deterrent for violent psychotics already bent on committing suicide.

  4. It's almost as if Chipotle is more okay with the possibility of being robbed at gunpoint for the meagre contents of a cash register (and who pays with cash these days?) than they are with the possibility of a "responsible gun owner" trying to intervene to stop the robbery!

    For as awful and corrupt as this nation's police force can be, people still prefer to let the professionals handle the criminals than relying on private citizens. For all their flaws and misdeeds, the police still get better results more reliably than random gun owners ever could.

    Every gun enthusiast who spouts off about "criminals" like this is delusional. They honestly think "bad guys" are out there somewhere, lurking, ready to pounce, leaping from the shadows to rob them while they're getting a fast food burrito.

    Yes, people (rarely) rob stores and restaurants at gunpoint. Poor, desperate, stupid people. They quite typically flee before the police arrive, but overwhelmingly they end up arrested in short order. Sometimes they get away with a bit of money, but almost never do they fire their weapons - unless provoked.

    Enter John Q. Gunhaver, concealed carrying his M1911 with hand loaded .45 APC rounds for that good old "Stoppin' Powah". A robbery occurs, and John whips out his piece.

    Congratulations, John - you just escalated the situation! You made the panicky idiot who is so desperate for cash that they decide to rob a fucking Chipotle fear for their life. You backed the scared animal into a corner, and now it feels like it has no choice but to bite. Bullets fly.

    At best, the robber escapes and no one gets shot - in which case the police still have to track down the robber, but now they also have to deal with the legal and bureaucratic results of Mr. Gunhaver's handywork - plus the damages to be paid for whatever inanimate objects those bullets ended up hitting.

    At worst, someone is dead - maybe the robber, maybe John, maybe innocent bystanders, maybe someone across the street struck by a stray shot, maybe all of the above. Lives are destroyed. Assuming he survived, John feels proud for defending the community. In reality, he turned a minor inconvenience into a bloodbath.

    Theft happens. It is a fact of human civilization, stretching back throughout all of recorded history. It's not worth killing people over - not even the thieves.

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