A Village Lost and Found by Brian May and Elena Vidal

T4359 A Village Lost and Found is another of rock guitarist Brian May's fantastic stereograph collections. This collection of idyllic, pastoral 1850s life in England and the mystery of its subject town captivate me!

Similar to Diableries, an amazing collection of Devil themed stereoscopic cards, A Village Lost and Found represents years of collecting and research by May and co-author and photo historian Elena Vidal. They dive into the work of T.R. Williams, a well known and prolific photographer in the 1850s. Williams captured a fading style of life in the U.K. in a near perfectly idealized manner. His pictures captivated May and drove him to collect them.

The book also tells the story of the search for 'the village' the photos document. Many had searched and failed to identify the town, May turned to the internet for help and had his answer within days.

I'm a huge fan of Brian May's OWL stereoscopic viewer and this book comes with one. It is simple and a pleasure to use.

A Village Lost and Found by Brian May and Elena Vidal