Star Wars Episode 7 spy shots


TMZ has a set of leaked photos from the Tunisia et of Star Wars Episode 7 that in short reveal that the JJ Abrams flick will feature life-size creatures and vehicles not just digital FX.



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  1. For being one of the shittiest, most desolate places in the galaxy, a lot of important shit goes down on Tatooine. #AGAIN? #episodeVII

  2. At least this giant desert-dwelling beast has more believable anatomy than those CGI Dewbacks they stuck in the Special Editions. A massive animal would need big stocky legs to support its weight, like an elephant or Sauropod. Put bird-like legs on the thing and it looks goofy and fake, even if you can't immediately figure out why.

  3. Or Stargate SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe. Forest planet, sand dune planet, gravel pit planet, advanced technology planet that looks a lot like a Vancouver area university.

  4. Maybe those creatures would have looked believable on a low-gravity planet, but they had to ruin that illusion by including Anakin in the scene.

    Come to think of it, Anakin's presence was one of the key things that ruined the whole prequel trilogy.

  5. Yeah, about that… why would they hide Luke, who was raised under his real name, with the only family in the entire galaxy that Vader already knew? That would make for an awkward family reunion.

    God, this has bothered me SO much for so long. That, and why Obi Wan didn't change his own goddamn name. I mean, sure, it's not like you're a wanted man throughout the galaxy and famous because of your role in the Clone Wars or anything. I'm sure nobody will notice when an old hermit moves in down the road who just happens to have the same last name and general appearance as that guy who is wanted by the government for treason. At least Yoda had the good sense to hide on a planet with no other sentient beings.

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