Orgasms from the shoulders up


At the subscription-only Beautiful Agony site, people submit videos of themselves having an orgasm, shot from the shoulders up; Vice interviewed the founders.

“If we were to sort of parallel the porn industry with the car industry and imagine what a car looked like if it had the same values and the same sort of commitment to excellence that porn has, I think that you’d be looking at a piece of junk that costs $3 million that would run out of petrol after three miles.”

So Lawrence and Olney took matters into their own hands.

“We said, ‘Why don’t we try this and see what happens?’” Lawrence said. “I think we were a little too embarrassed to film our own [videos] and show each other, so instead we just lent a video camera around to some friends of ours that we knew were open-minded.”

"Coming On Camera: Beautiful Agony's Orgasmic Porn"