UK proposes life sentences for "hackers"

UK government proposal: "cyber" attacks with "catastrophic" but otherwise ill-defined outcomes deserve life in jail.

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  1. This from the people who have infiltrated every network they could and stolen every bit of data they found, and compromised all of our safety by doing so.. The irony actually hurts..

  2. FTL: "ensure sentences for attacks (on computer systems) fully reflect the damage they cause".

    I'm OK with this only if the same standard gets applied to Tony Blair. And Bush. And Obama.

    Bastards all.

  3. What about also sentencing the managers who skimped on testing, did not want to pay for redundant systems, were too cheap to have a robust, non-brittle infrastructure? Will they go to jail as well, or will they be allowed to walk away, pockets full of bonuses for the profits they got by cutting costs where they should not be cut?

    When will we get the world where robust infrastructure with enough spare capacities and not prone to cascade failures is more important than short-term corporate profit? Where sanity checks are built in, checks that would catch not only intentional disruption but also miscommunications and typos? Redundancy in place to absorb not only the fallout of SCADA attacks but also bad weather and material fatigue and "natural" comm network failures?

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