Diatoms are delightful. And without them, you can't breathe.


"You'll consume about 2 liters (just over a half gallon) of oxygen in the time it takes you to read this post. About 20 percent of that oxygen comes from photosynthesis by marine diatoms — the most important little organisms that most people have never heard of."

Andrew Alverson, biologist and diatoms expert at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, has a piece about diatom genomes at Live Science. Check out the fantastic image gallery of these important, tiny life forms.




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  1. The whole oxygen thing was just made up by liberal scientists trying to force their global warming agenda down our throats. I challenge you to show me one instance of the word oxygen anywhere in the Bible, or in the Declaration of Independence either. God doesn't believe in oxygen - why should I?

  2. I was thinking of the Mae West sofa, myself

  3. bryan says:

    Another effective tactic is to mix boric acid and sugar into a water and leave it out for the ants to drink. If you don’t make it too strong, they will drink it, take it back to the nest, and share it with the others who will soon cease to be ants. If you do make it too strong, they will cease being ants well before they get back to the nest, which is a bit less effective overall.

  4. bryan says:

    You’re right, I should have included a warning about toxicity. We put them out where I know the cat won’t get to them. (Also, we have the place sprayed for children twice a year; they are much harder to eradicate than most insects.)

    Thanks for the info on the feeding cycles, had no idea of that.

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