An Honest Review of The Triumph Bonneville

Marlon's spot on review of the Triumph Bonnie pretty much keeps me laughing the entire time.

The Bonnie is a neat bike - but it's not as amazing as many gushing reviews online make out. I thought I'd take a little more of realistic look at what it's like to own and ride the Triumph Bonneville.

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  1. It took me a good five and a half minutes trying to figure out why his voice is so familiar, and I finally figured it out - his guide to changing your oil guided me through my first SR500 oil change, and has been shown to many a friend since. It's slightly saltier than the Triumph review, but of similar quality.

    Also, fun facts - Regular Car Reviews is a fan of this guy.

  2. You messed with the factory-installed oil-pressure release system?! You're basically riding a time bomb, I tells ya! wink

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