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The so-silly-it's-not-worth-mocking app Yo was hacked by some college students. Caveat downloader. The texting app does nothing but ping your friends with the word "Yo." It has reportedly netted $1 million in funding already, from high-profile investors, and has about a quarter million users as of today.

A Georgia Tech student told TechCrunch it was very easy to hack: he and two bros claim to have accessed and spammed Yo user phone numbers, sent push notifications, and swapped other words for "Yo."

Or Arbel, Yo's creator, confirms that Yo was, yes, having "security issues."

Notable Replies

  1. "Anyone stupid enough to download Yo deserves the security threat it represents"

    That sounds like victim blaming. Why should someone "deserve" a security threat for downloading a silly commercial app?

    I can see making fun of the investors in such an app given that it pretty much does nothing, but saying people deserve security threats for an app that who's concept isn't inherently insecure strikes an off chord with me.

  2. Yo.

  3. How on earth is there room for a remotely exploitable vulnerability, in an app that sends text messages consisting entirely of the word "yo"?

  4. Who has the chutzpah to create an app that does this, and then manages to somehow sell people on the idea and get a million dollars in funding? Every time I worry about how to start up a business and make it work, I look at stuff like this and wonder, who not only thinks this crap up but actually turns it into a business? In other words "Why didn't I invent the Billy Bass?" "Why didn't I program the Yo app?" "Why did I see the NEED for pet rocks?"

  5. What are they even going to do with a million dollars? Upgrade it to also say "sup?"

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