Arizona's public school chief admits he anonymously blogged racist rants

Photo: Arizona Republic.

Photo: Arizona Republic.

Arizona's Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal this week admitted he was the author of a series of pseudonymous blog posts describing people who receive welfare as "lazy pigs." He also compared Planned Parenthood to Nazis, and said the organization is responsible for most abortions among Black people in America.

"The comments, under various pseudonyms including Falcon9 and Thucydides, have been appearing since 2011," reports The Arizona Republic. ""I probably have 300,000 words out on the Internet, and 100 of them are getting me in trouble," Upppenthal told the paper, shamelessly. He is currently running for re-election.


Under the monikers, Huppenthal joined discussions and shared views on issues including abortion, the economy, education and child protection. Some examples:

• "There is no aspect of (Child Protective Services) nationwide which protects children. No correlation between spending on CPS and child safety," Thucydides posted in January on Blog for Arizona. "The only factors which provide safety for children are employment of parents and good schools on the positive side and welfare enrollment on the negative side."

• "It was Darwin, not Hitler, who named the Germans the master race," Thucydides posted in September 2013 on the blog Seeing Red AZ. "It was Darwin who expressed approval of eliminating both Jews and Africans. Hitler worked to eliminate the Jews. Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood was given the job of eliminating African-Americans. Hitler fed 6 million Jews into the ovens. Sanger has fed 16 million African-Americans into the abortion mills."

• "We now know that (Franklin D. Roosevelt) was almost completely responsible for the great depression," Falcon9 posted in 2013 on Blog for Arizona. "Only in liberal mythology did FDR 'save' the nation. ... Worse yet, Roosevelt's disastrous economic policies drug down the whole world and directly led to the rise of a no-name hack named Adolph Hitler who was going nowhere until Germany's economy went into the tank."

• "Obama is rewarding the lazy pigs with food stamps (44 million people), air-conditioning, free health care, flat-screen TV's (typical of "poor" families)." (Editor's note: Parentheses included in posting.)

What a state, and what a guy.

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  1. Shuck says:

    Christ, what an asshole.
    His statements are, however, fascinating in that they're a useful example of what a particular brand of conservative know-nothing seems to believe in these days. Where do they get this stuff? First Darwin was (falsely) accused of inventing Social Darwinism, and therefore, by extension, Fascist policies; now he's being directly credited with founding the Nazi party. Pretty weird - it's like a game of "telephone" that starts out with wrong information and just gets crazier and crazier. Then there's the increasingly familiar "FDR went back in time to start the depression" and "people on welfare are really rich" nonsense. The irony of this guy being in charge of education...

  2. Of course, you are just referring to a phrase in a nursery fable, here...

  3. Arizoner. Helping Alabamans feel prouderer!

    This guy seems like a perfect choice for the public schools chief if you belong to a party, or subscribe to a political philosophy, whose goal is to destroy public education. Put a no-nothing bigot in charge of schools, and they'll go to hell, "proving" that public education is doomed.

  4. Around here and I'm sure other places the old time racists compliment each other by saying "Why Thanks, That's Mighty White of You". Usually in response for some act of kindness or generosity. I explained this to one of my sons who was born in Peru and has a deep Copper complexion. I should have known better because he's delightfully perverse and this put him in hysterics. Now his response to various assholes of any color is to state..."Why that's mighty white of him".

    Without doubt Mr. Huppenthal is Mighty White. My son could sure give the school chief an education.

  5. "I've probably had hundreds of thousands of interactions with women, and 30 of them are getting me in trouble." – Ted Bundy

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