Country fans bury Pittsburgh in trash


A Luke Bryan concert left areas of Pittsburgh swimming in garbage last night. It was even worse than last year's Kenny Chesney concert, with local news station KDKA describing the streets as a "minefield of broken bottles." Big-name concerts are regular here, too: it's only these guys! No-one else does this.

Notable Replies

  1. Wow. I was going to roll my eyes a little because any sort of festival leaves behind some trash, but that is a bit more than some! I don't see how you could get to that level of trash unless nearly every person there is wantonly tossing shit on the ground just to be an asshole.

  2. Do we .. do we have too many people now?

  3. Ever notice how the people who spend the most time yakking about how much they love America are the ones who seem most intent on destroying it?

  4. The trash or the concert?

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