Doctor Who series 8 trailer

Not a man, a Time Lord.

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  1. zomg, i went from zero to chills in 19 seconds. "am i a GOOD man?" is something i never thought the doctor would say. i am really, really looking forward to capaldi's doctor! EDIT: also, this is more of a Teaser than a Trailer. /pedant

  2. enso says:

    I want a Doctor who isn't the center of all creation and whose companions do not turn out to have cosmic significance. How about the explorer Doctor instead of the cosmic one?

  3. Is it just me, or is his accent a bit less Malcolm Tucker than it was immediatley post-regeneration?

    (Link is NSFW for angry Scottish man swearing his fucking head off.)

  4. So it's safe for work everywhere but in Scotland, since no one will understand him anyway?

  5. This.

    Having the doctor save the entirety of existence pretty much every season got very dull, very quickly. Combine that with all the almost plotless running around and shouting bits, and incomprehensible deus ex moments and you got a lot of episodes that left me pretty cold at the end.

    That's a shame, because I really, really liked Matt Smith as the Doctor, and the whole Amy/Rory double-act was brilliant.

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