Brief guide to Facebook’s emotion experiment

Wired explaints the details of how Facebook altered its algorithms to manipulate and observe the behavior of 689k random users. Previously.

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  1. Also, the OHRP is not the only source of ethics in social science research, and any "social media" company should follow best practices in social science research.

    8.07 Deception in Research

    (a) Psychologists do not conduct a study involving deception unless they have determined that the use of deceptive techniques is justified by the study's significant prospective scientific, educational or applied value and that effective nondeceptive alternative procedures are not feasible.
    (b) Psychologists do not deceive prospective participants about research that is reasonably expected to cause physical pain or severe emotional distress.
    (c) Psychologists explain any deception that is an integral feature of the design and conduct of an experiment to participants as early as is feasible, preferably at the conclusion of their participation, but no later than at the conclusion of the data collection, and permit participants to withdraw their data. (See also Standard 8.08, Debriefing.)
  2. I don't know how this story could be any more upsetting than the simple idea that a profit-driven machine curates the social lives of 100s of millions of people...

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