What happened to the man clinging to the back of a fast-moving car?

North Carolina drivers were surprised to see a man clinging to the back of a car going 60 mph on a freeway yesterday. One family shot a video of the incident. "The family says they saw the man on the back of the car break the back windshield and climb inside. They say a woman was driving the car with a child in a car seat inside." No one knows what happened to the car or its passengers. (Via Arbroath)

Notable Replies

  1. Florida.... it's spreading like kudzu

  2. Jesus that's terrifying.

    I hope that all involved, but especially the child, are found alive and safe.

  3. The other thing I want to know is whether he won or lost in the Republican primary.

  4. "I thought it was a dummy at first"

    Oh, he's a dummy alright.

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