Official weeps hysterically during apology for misusing funds

Footage of a Japanese politican crying hysterically during a hearing has gone global. Ryutaro Nonomura, 47, was accused of misusing about $30,000 in government funds during trips—but his apology is made of pure viral gold.

Though his trips were not illegal, and Mr. Nonomura had reported them, newspaper reporters ferreted out that he had visited hot springs more than a hundred times last year using public money. Hyogo legislators are assigned $5000 a month for travel and entertainment, but it must be restricted to official work.

Nonomura's emotional apology seems not to have impressed anyone, reports The Guardian, and parodies are proliferating in Japan and beyond.

During the three-hour press conference in Kobe he cried while saying: "I finally became an assembly member … with the sole purpose of changing society … This Japan … I want to change this society … I have staked my life … Don't you understand?"

Social media users were merciless in their response. "Is he alright as a member of society, let alone a member of an assembly?" asked Twitter user @nagatokimura

"There was a kid like that when I was in elementary school. A kid who tried to explain by crying like that. lol," wrote @chiko86