BlackBerry Passport


It's a giant nearly-square smartphone (or mini-tablet, if you prefer) with a hardware qwerty keyboard and geometric, means-business lines. Coco Currinder from Crackberry has a hands-on preview:

The Passport is a completely different feel when you pick it up. It's not the classic design, not at this size. For a second it felt like I was picking up a sexy new twist to the original Gameboy and that's a compliment. The keyboard has a different feeling too. It's too wide for one hand. The keys are smoother than anything before. They're almost a tad slippery. I've been told that they have been improved upon since this generation of prototype. The backside had a felt-like feeling to it. Not like the Q10, but more like the Z10 and was easy to grip. With a phone this size and weight, the grippiness goes a long way.

I dig it. It's just the sort of thing the street finds its own use for. Whereby "street" I mean, "bloggers."

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  1. The Passport is a completely different feel when you pick it up.

    No, no, no a hundred times. It "has" a feel.
    As to the review itself, I suppose there's still a need for folks who want a full, tangible QWERTY keyboard, so maybe Blackberry is back in the game. Besides that, can we still use the "Crackberry" reference when being overly attached to one's phone has become so commonplace as to be unnoticeable?

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