The genre-defining video games we forgot

A 50-minute documentary about five games that defined their genres, and then were forgotten because they were superseded by more successful, more marketable, and more mainstream clones. [Video Link]

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  1. I spent hours and hours of my childhood playing Adventure. Loved that game. Was fun to see it again. It was my favorite for a good year and half (1980-81.) My brother and I would get into fights over which one could play it. Good times!

    Also, Missile Command, which came out just after Adventure did, also had an Easter Egg with the developer's initials, RF. My brother discovered that one as well as the one in Adventure.

  2. Actually, in my college days we did plug our Atari ST's into a network and play Midi Maze. It was damn fun.

  3. Ah, yes, Adventure - the game wherein a wayward square tries to evade multicolored pregnant ducks. Also, where is E.T. (for the Atari 2600) on that list? It was the first in the increasingly popular "colossally awful" video game genre.

  4. When I got bored of the game, I used to entertain the adults in the room (who completely sucked an anything above difficulty 1) by going on difficulty 3 and fucking around torturing that asshole bat.

    Lock Bat in Castle.

    Catch and Release Bat on the Same Screen.

    Make Bat give up Chalice for the stupid ass Magnet.

    I trolled the fuck out of that bat.

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