Finnish national broadcaster will transmit blockchain over terrestrial digital TV network

The Finnish national broadcaster has partnered with Kryptoradio to broadcast the Bitcoin blockchain over the digital television network making it accessible over a non-Internet channel to 95% of the Finnish population.

The security model of the blockchain has some serious vulnerabilities, including the lack of diversity in its transmission mechanisms. DVB-T, the EU/Australia/Japan (and elsewhere) standard for digital TV transmission, creates an important channel for communicating the blockchain, and sets the stage for many potential new applications.

The trial starts in September and will run for at least two months.


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  1. Linux, IRC, SILC,... if you want some innovation, leave it to Finns.

    And Angry Birds. Don't forget Angry Birds!

    ...and when you want to not have it anymore, let an American corporate manager take over. Farewell, Nokia.

  2. This is the most useful thing I've heard of since the canned can opener

  3. Naw, in this case, it's more like the self-canning can opener.

  4. Can someone explain why this matters?

  5. A nationwide pilot project for testing the feasibility of an alternative communication channel for a currency independent on the whims of Central Banks? A hedge against Weimar-style hyperinflation risk, albeit so far infinitesimally small, with euro?

    Syncing the blockchain is a fairly data-intensive operation, over time. Having near-realtime updates without incurring data-transfer related costs (whether in money or in the need to maintain the bandwidth and connectivity) can be a crucial enabler in many applications, especially in not-so-often used distributed micropayment systems.

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