Two people arrested for having sex on roof of Chipotle

chipotleA police officer in Newark, DE responded to phone calls about two people having sex on the roof of a Chipotle restaurant. "After the officer commanded [the couple] to stop, they continued for another '15 to 20 seconds,' NPD spokesman Cpl. James Spadola said."

It turns out the man arrested owns a sushi restaurant next door to the Chipotle, which is where the woman who was arrested works.

Sushi bar owner caught having sex with woman on roof of adjacent Mexican grill

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  1. Whim says:

    mexican-asian fusion

    fuck all you people who think I shouldn't get notified when people are fucking on roofs; fuck, do I love roof fuck notices, thx BB!

  2. This is newsworthy is because America continues to be divided as to whether consensual coitus is a natural, zesty enterprise, or whether it is criminal and shameful.

    Not just in the US, but right here, in these bb comments, right now. Look at the post immediately above yours.

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