Anti-NSA messages projected on US embassy in Berlin

Oliver Bienkowski, a guerrilla "light-graffiti" artist, splashed a projection of a caricature of Barack Obama's face on the side of the US embassy in Berlin, along with the phrase, "NSA IN DA HOUSE."

It's the second time Bienkowski has lit up the embassy -- last year, he projected "United Stasi of America" on its side. Local police shut down the projector, which was housed in a cargo van, after a few minutes.

This gimmick of projecting protest messages on high-security public buildings is the McGuffin of my novel Pirate Cinema, and it's one that I'm very fond of.

It's also a great denial of Dash's law -- sometimes projectors do work.

German artist protests NSA with 'light graffiti' on US Embassy in Berlin [Dante D'Orazio/The Verge] (via Bruce Sterling)

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  1. SamLL says:

    Um. This seems... kind of racist?

  2. It is. And it will still be cheered on by oblivious White dudes because Spying!

  3. It is propaganda -- DIY propaganda, but the rules and motives are very different. Racism is a set of beliefs that conveniently rig the game to keep one group elevated at the expense of another.

    This is a show of something else -- discrediting a target deemed to now be the enemy and a propagandist goes for the jugular. Ronald Reagan's age was thrown in his face to imply he was senile, and thus could be conquered. Bush 41 was made to seem like an airhead, Clinton got a two-fer of being both over-sexed and a hillbilly, Bush 43 also had the two-fer of being seen as a childish cowboy, and now it is Obama's inevitable turn in the hotseat -- and he is being made over into an immature adolescent rather than an adult.

    It is quite the fall from grace and one that makes me uneasy. This is disillusionment and a sign that the seeds of discord have taken root...

  4. I'm not saying the artist is criticizing Obama because he's racist, I'm saying his criticism of Obama is racist.

    And sticking a backwards hat on a Black man and putting an ebonics phrase next to him is racist. Period. This is like, Fried Chicken and Watermelon level stereotyping. And no, the fact that white people like fried chicken and watermelon doesn't make their usage in racist caricatures of Black people not racist.

    I can't believe I need to explain this to anyone.

  5. Jesus Christ. I guess all the major problems of the world are solved so now we can sit back and bitch that a person in another country protesting a foreign government spying on his did so in manner that wasn't politically correct enough.

    Caricature - or portraiture?

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